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Dad and Child



Blog: New Year, New Health 

Feb 15 2024

It’s that time again—the time when we seize the opportunity of a new year to make change, to be better, or at least to tell ourselves that we will.

Blog: September is National Recovery Month  

Sep 26 2023

When a person becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol, apart from the anguish it creates, his or her family members and loved ones often put their lives on hold, setting aside personal priorities.

Anxiety in public place.

Blog: Moving through COVID anxiety 

May 17 2023

In March of 2020, Robert Beedle was a new father, working part-time while completing his doctoral dissertation. He was organizing neighbors concerned about air pollution from a local business. His wife was returning to work after family leave. His parents were helping with childcare. Then COVID turned his life upside down.