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Mental Health Counseling

Regional Health Systems’ highly-trained mental health staff provides counseling and therapy services to individuals, couples and families of all ages. Our programs help individuals manage their lives throughout the various stages of change and development. Whether you are leaving home for the first time, getting married or divorced, coping with a loss, or handling stress, our licensed mental health professionals collaborate with you to coordinate care that best meets your needs.

Individual and group therapy services are offered to help clients overcome obstacles to their well-being. Common goals of therapy are to inspire change and improve quality of life. Our counseling groups include groups for men, women and children; substance abuse and aftercare-relapse prevention groups; and problem-solving groups.

For more information about our counseling services, please contact us.

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Child and Adolescent Services

Research and experience shows that many (if not all) root causes of a child or teen’s behavior, or other emotional and mental problems, are best treated by involving the family.  Building upon this philosophy, a number of treatment options are used, including: outpatient therapy, child psychiatry, school outreach, home-based programs and Circle Around Families. With the help of Geminus, Lake County Department of Child Services, Lake County Juvenile Justice System and the Northwest Indiana community, Regional Health Systems works with families to best suit their current needs.