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Addiction Treatment

Getting sober is hard. We can make it easier.

Addiction is a life-long disease. And, like any chronic disease, addiction can be managed—helping recovery become possible.

If you’re an Indiana family who craves a healthy, substance-free life—don’t just look for a treatment center. Go where your Recovery Matters.

Vicki and her grandson

Victoria "Vicki" Charleston Hanley shares a laugh with her grandson.

Keep hope alive.

Meet Victoria. Single-mom and caregiver to her dying mother, Victoria used cocaine, heroin and alcohol for 34 years to numb the heartaches. In 1995, after losing her mom and her home, she found herself in a dark alley promising this time was the last time.

And it was. What does Victoria want you to know today?

“Keep hope alive.”

Transforming Indiana, one family at a time.

If you or your loved one seeks treatment, we can help. We offer wrap-around addiction services for adults—including pregnant women and women with children—and adolescents. Outpatient and residential treatment options are available to Hoosiers with or without insurance.

Recovery Matters is our adult residential program that can get you back on track in up to 28 days. During your stay, we provide a comprehensive health evaluation and therapy services (private and group therapy). As you prepare for discharge, our staff will help you with after-care planning in our outpatient or halfway housing programs.

Recovering from addiction isn’t easy—but with an 82% program completion rate, we know you can be a success here. All counseling services are private and confidential. Anyone can request services—a doctor’s referral is not required.

Recovery is a journey.

The journey to recovery is never a straight, steady road. There are ups and downs, new discoveries and setbacks, but positive changes do happen.


Below are the locations where you can get the care you need, based on your situation and treatment plan. Both locations offer Vivitrol and Suboxone. Contact Recovery Matters at 219-736-7284

*Adults only