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Sep 20 2023

Press Release: National Recovery Month Highlights the Crucial Role of Family in the Journey to Sobriety

EAST CHICAGO, IN September is National Recovery Month, a time dedicated to raising awareness about addiction recovery and celebrating the achievements of those who have overcome substance abuse. This year, the focus is on the vital role that family members play in the recovery process. As addiction affects not only the individual but their entire family, communication and support are key components in achieving successful rehabilitation. 

When a person becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol, it not only inflicts anguish upon them but also impacts their family members. According to addiction therapists at Regional Health Systems, loved ones often put their lives on hold, setting aside personal priorities to provide care and support to the individual in need. Stress levels rise significantly, and normalcy becomes a distant memory. 

Verlilia Pettigrew, an addiction therapist at Regional Health Systems, emphasizes that addiction is a family disease, affecting every aspect of the family’s life. “When the addicted individual seeks treatment,” said Pettigrew, “it provides a momentary reprieve for the family, as the chaos and havoc caused by addiction temporarily cease.” 

Continued successful recovery can lead to a complete transformation in family dynamics, restoring a sense of normalcy. However, the path to recovery can be challenging, with lingering resentment and impatience among the factors that complicate the journey. 

Pettigrew’s insights are particularly relevant during National Recovery Month, established in 1989 by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. This national observance promotes and supports evidence-based treatment and recovery practices while recognizing the dedication of service providers and individuals who make recovery possible. 

For more insight on how Pettigrew views the impact recovery has on the user’s family and the

resources the family can use, please see the full story attached. To interview Pettigrew, please contact Ida Cage at 


About Regional Health Systems 

If you or your loved one seeks treatment, we can help. We offer wrap-around addiction services for adults—including pregnant women and women with children—and adolescents. Outpatient and residential treatment options are available to Hoosiers with or without insurance. 

Recovery Matters is our adult residential program that can get you back on track in up to 28 days. During your stay, we provide a comprehensive health evaluation and therapy services (private and group therapy). As you prepare for discharge, our staff will help you with after-care planning in our outpatient or halfway housing programs. 

Recovering from addiction isn’t easy—but with an 82% program completion rate, we know you can be a success here. All counseling services are private and confidential. Anyone can request services—a doctor’s referral is not required.