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Psychologist Robert Beedle


May 10 2023

Press Release: Navigating anxiety post-pandemic

MERRILLIVILLE, IN – With the U.S. national emergency response to the COVID-19 pandemic ending today, Robert Beedle, a postdoctoral psychologist with Regional Health Systems, offers tips to navigate anxiety post-pandemic.  


Tip #1: Gauge if you are experiencing pandemic-related anxiety or other psychological distress for two weeks or more. If so, obtain a mental health evaluation. 

“It is an important first step,” said Beedle, “to identify if you’re experiencing this for two weeks or more.” Beedle adds that talk therapy—whether COVID related or not—for many people with mental health issues is the most effective treatment. “The sooner therapy starts, the faster it works,” said Beedle. 


Tip #2: Lower the bar on the pressure you put on yourself. 

“This is an effective step when you’re under high distress without much control,” said Beedle. “You have to adjust your attitude.” Beedle suggests placing less importance on housecleaning or keeping up social contacts, as examples, and paying more attention to taking care of yourself is beneficial in times of high stress. 


Tip #3: Recognize that everyone experienced the pandemic differently. 

The different experiences unfolded in various ways: the devastation of losing a loved one or a job, the stress of keeping kids engaged in school or merely dealing with shortages at the grocery store—all against a backdrop of possibly catching COVID. 

“It’s pretty uncontroversial that the pandemic placed massive amounts of psychological stress on everyone,” Beedle said. “I would just encourage people to keep in mind that we all went through tremendous stress and disruption.”  


For more tips or to interview Robert Beedle, contact Regional Care Group Communication’s Office at 219-757-1800. 



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