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Jan 04 2022

News Story: New Beginnings Clubhouse Expanding

Northwest Indiana Times | Joseph S. Pete | January 4, 2022

New Beginnings Clubhouse, a mental health service provider of Regional Health Systems, plans to grow at its existing location at 107 W.79th Ave. in Merrillville.

The social service agency helps those with mental health conditions find employment and become independent. A member of ClubhouseInternational, New Beginnings Clubhouse currently occupies 2,480 square feet in its existing location.

New Beginnings Clubhouse plans to expand by 1,965 square feet to occupy 4,445 square feet in the coming months so it can provide services to more people in need in the community.

“New Beginnings had been exploring relocating to a larger space for well over a year. It was only at the beginning of 2021 that we began pursuing merging with the adjacent suite. In the end, the tenant got their additional space and the landlord filled a vacancy. Everyone is satisfied,” said Latitude Commercial’s Antony Miocic, who represented New Beginnings.