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Nov 07 2019

Press Release: Regional Health Systems President and CEO Bob Krumwied to Retire

Regional Health Systems President and CEO to Retire

MERRILLVILLE, IN – Regional Health Systems announced today that Robert “Bob” Krumwied, president and chief executive officer, will retire at the end of December 2019. The board of directors has named Bill Trowbridge, current president and CEO of Paladin, a Northwest Indiana human service organization, as Krumwied’s successor.

“Bob’s commitment to build life-long resiliency for each individual we serve will resonate for generations to come. He spent his career striving for Hoosiers’ highest quality of care in mental health and substance use treatment, and advanced the Systems’ efforts in treating the whole person,” said Terry Quinn, chairman of the board of directors. “As a board, we are committed to carrying out his legacy for the betterment of Hoosiers.”

Throughout his thirty-year tenure, Mr. Krumwied worked to expand services beyond the continuum of behavioral health care and into addressing the social determinants of health e.g., the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work and age. The goal: Treat the whole person. This revolutionary concept—to treat the whole person instead of a symptom or issue at a time—remained the driving force behind each client’s progress and well-being. For Regional, it meant each individual served could not only recover, but could go on to survive and thrive in life.

Krumwied is credited for uniting Regional Mental Health Center and its subsidiary corporations—Geminus Corporation, Lake Park Residential Center, The Leading Edge Clubhouse and more—under Indiana’s largest and most comprehensive network of community-based health care and social services: Regional Health Systems. Before the unification, Krumwied merged Lake County’s two community mental health centers ((Tri-City Community Mental Health Center (Tri-City) and Southlake Mental Health Center)) into Regional Mental Health Center, supported the expansion of Geminus Head Start services to include Early Head Start programming, and was the first in Indiana to open a federally qualified health center, Regional Health Clinic, within a community mental health center. Krumwied joined Tri-City in 1989 as its CEO.

“It has been an honor and privilege leading Regional through a transformative journey,” said Krumwied. “I am enormously proud of the staff at Regional and what we have accomplished for our clients. The network’s future prospects are encouraging and I look forward to a smooth transition.”

Robert “Bob” Krumwied’s dedication to the betterment of people and of Indiana was recognized early in his profession: He received the Distinguished Hoosier Award from Governor Robert Orr, and the Sagamore of the Wabash award—the highest honor an Indiana governor bestows—from Governor Evan Bayh.

Regional Health Systems celebrates Mr. Krumwied’s service Friday, Nov. 8, at the Avalon Manor in Merrillville.

About Regional Health Systems
Regional Health Systems is Indiana’s largest and most comprehensive network of community-based health care and social services. We provide high-quality and affordable mental health care, primary health care and social services to low-income, underinsured, and uninsured families. By integrating services offered at Regional Mental Health Center, Regional Health Clinic and the Geminus Corporation, Regional Health Systems treats the whole person and builds resilient communities. For more information, visit