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Emma’s House offers women safe place to live and stay sober 

Mar 14 2020

Tonya Johnson cuddled close her 1-month old daughter, McKenzie, after picking her up from her bassinet. McKenzie fussed a little but Johnson, a first time mom, seemed to know instinctively how to soothe her baby by giving her a pacifier while standing in the doorway of the bedroom they share at Emma's House.

Regional Health Systems CEO to retire 

Nov 15 2019

Regional Health Systems President and CEO Robert "Bob" Krumwied will retire at the end of the year after a long and distinguished career of community service in the Calumet Region.

NWI experts: Injury recovery not just physical 

Jul 18 2017

Pain and vulnerability can blind you to the possibility of hope. When you're recovering from a major injury, unrelenting pain and sheer exhaustion can make the world bleak and the path to wellness unclear.